Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Gary's birthday, Evan's haircut, & 8 months old!

We celebrated Gary's birthday on Friday, August 14th. We had a great time in Amarillo with all of the family! We were especially excited to introduce Evan to my cousin, Matt, and to meet his sweet girlfriend, Ashley (Ash-a-lee according to Alex).

While we were there, Evan got his first official haircut. He had a trim on the 4th of July, but this time, GiGi was able to give him his first big boy haircut. It only took four adults to hold, cut, and entertain, but he did great!

Evan turned eight months old today! He is growing so quickly...crawling everywhere, pulling up, and starting to cruise! He is a BIG fan of table food and continues to adore Alex.

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