Saturday, September 19, 2009

Back to School, Fair Night, Soccer, & 9 Months Old!

Well, we have survived the first four weeks of school! Alex seems to really enjoy it, especially recess and PE :) He asked after the first week if I could just drop him off around recess time!

Evan is doing great at the babysitter's. He seems to enjoy the other kids, but I am pretty sure his favorite part of the day is lunch time. Ms. Jane home cooks for the kids every day, so he puts away the groceries!

Below are a few pics from Alex's first day of Kindergarten and Evan's first day at Ms. Jane's house.

We finally made it to the West Texas Fair & Rodeo on Thursday night. We went with the Klatts and the Cogburns. The kids had a great time. Alex enjoyed all of the rides, and Evan took in all the sights.

Alex is playing soccer for the second year. What a difference a year has made. He actually is attempting to get in the mob and kick the ball this year! His team is the Blue Pythons, and several of his good buddies are on the team with him. He is #4.

Evan turned 9 months old yesterday. He actually stood up unassisted this past week for the first time. He is such a smiley, happy baby. What a joy he is to our entire family!