Thursday, October 22, 2009

The addition of 'Shark Tooth'

So, those of you who follow our blog know that we had to have our White German Shepherd, Deacon, put down in March. Shortly after, Gary and Alex started talking about getting another German Shepherd. We originally were thinking we would do this around Christmas or Alex's birthday, seeing that we are extremely busy with Alex and Evan (who just turned 10 months old). My only request on the new dog was that it be a female. I am already vastly outnumbered in this household.

Well, Gary found an ad back in August for German Shepherd puppies in Abilene at Dyess that would be ready in October. So, we went (just to look...yeah right) and saw them when they were only two weeks old and picked out the next member of our family. We picked up our new pup, Gemma, on October 9th. We all had a great time going to Petsmart and choosing the perfect toys, bed, collar, leash, food bowls, ect.

Gemma @ 2 weeks old

So were we cRaZy to get a new puppy when we already have a baby in the household and are extremely sleep deprived...yes! But we wouldn't trade her for anything. Besides, there would never be the perfect or right time anyway. Might as well jump in head first! The only problem with Miss Gemma is that she LOVES to bite. And, I mean, LOVES to bite everything. Not in a mean way, but she is only a pup! Alex and I have nicknamed her "shark tooth," since her teeth feel like little razors. So, now I will also be keeping you updated on our baby girl! Enjoy :)