Friday, December 12, 2008

Getting ready to be a Big Brother

It has been really fun watching Alex help us get ready for his baby brother. Each time Gary brought something down from the attic, such as a tub of baby clothes, the baby swing, the bouncers, or the baby car seat, it was like a brand new adventure for Alex.

Last Sunday, Gary brought in a box of baby toys that had been in the garage. I went through them all and was disinfecting, cleaning, etc., when Alex came in. You would have thought it was Christmas two and a half weeks early! I kept reminding him that these toys were for "little boys" and that he was going to have to help me put them in Evan's room. He told me that Evan would share them with him. I laughed thinking to myself, "we'll see how this 'sharing' thing goes when Evan is big enough to get into Alex's toys!"


  1. Alex will be such a good big brother!We can't wait to meet baby Evan in in less than 48 hours!! We love yall

  2. Good Luck!! We're thinking about you guys here in Houston!